Spoken Word: Dear Future – What do you see


Dear Future.
All I wanted to do
All I wanted to see
Is vision myself be happy
With my current situation and family
Hoping, dreaming and reaching for a light
That I wish I could believe would be in my sight.

Dear Future, did you finally get to say,
This is “Home sweet home”
Dear Future, what do you see?
Do you perhaps see someone?
Who cools your heart?
Like a waterfall cooling down your veins
Do you perhaps see your brother?
To help take care of your akhirah gains
Can you look back to me
And realise the tears that fall arent falling for free
Can you look back to me
And say the words you’ve held inside will all be released
As you prostate to the all mighty
Holding onto “with every hardship comes ease”

Hoping, dreaming, reaching the light
Scared to take flight
Not knowing which path is right
Embarking into the night
Holding onto the ashes of fire
For me this was a reminder
Of the temptation of my desires
That gather in me as I perspire
Corroding the castle walls
I’ve built around my soul
As I cannot see the shadows
That try to take down the Imaan that I dearly hold.

Dear Future
Why do you say,
Just have patience
It will all clear out
Let your Lord know of all your doubts
Place your head on the floor and let the lord know it all
You came for salvation
Away from temptation
One step closer to redemption

How can you say that?
How do you know?
I’m crumbling here
Let me delve into the deep unknown
Holding onto you is like holding onto coal
Thinking about the lord as he tests us every single day
I’m sure he has a plan that is greater than you and I can understand

So have you become a man
That is able to comprehend
The trail and tribulation
Make you stronger than before
Have you lost the will
Or will you hold onto the torch
To illuminate the dark road

I hope to see you in the future
One that holds his head up high
With dignity, and his conviction is right.
Dear Future, till then, another time.

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and conclusions presented in these pieces are strictly those of the authors. MYA does not necessarily endorse the personal views of the authors.

Mohibul Haque

Mohibul Haque

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