One day, you were born.    You grew up in a standard suburb in Sydney – you always a felt a little odd though, you were that one Muslim kid […]

Dear Friend of the Soul


1 in 6 women reported having experienced physical and/or sexual abuse before the age of 15 and 1 in 9 men reported having experienced this abuse when they were boys. […]

All That Glitters…

medieval castle

Distance. The bright-eyed thunder of an eager crowd, thrumming with tentative energy, clamouring in the distance. But there, tucked away behind the sinews of timber slats, a dishevelled woman crouched […]

The Ummah is Bleeding

How peculiar is the sight of a man bleeding, When one wound heals, two appear, Yet he doesn’t know what is occuring, So confused he can’t even fear. How pitiful […]