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Accommodating for Muslim sensitivities: A safe space exclusively for Muslim youth.


Accommodating for Muslim sensitivities: A safe space exclusively for Muslim youth.
  • 8-Hour Tournament
  • Brothers' Futsal
  • Sisters' Indoor Netball
  • $500 Worth Of Prizes
Tournament Information

Sport possesses the unique ability to unite people. For millennia, it has served as a universal language of the people. 

Even beyond the bounds of the field, sport has demonstrated the incredible power of creating new identities and even entire cultures centred around people’s impassioned support for their favourite teams.

Considering the centrality of community, also known as the Ummah, as a sacred tenet of Islam, we believe sport has the capacity to foster a sense of connectedness that is essential for the young Muslim community to prevail while still holding true to Islamic sensibilities.

Likewise, we believe that through creating this sports culture, we can assert the Islamic importance of improving physical and mental wellbeing. As the body is the vessel of worship, the maintenance of its health is of sacred importance, and being active is a means to do this.

As such, the Muslim Youth Cup resolves to strengthen the communal ties between fellow Muslims and ultimately create a healthier and more united Ummah, which is conveyed in our motto ‘Active Youth, Active Ummah.’

The Muslim Youth Cup promises to provide an all inclusive space that caters to the unique needs of Muslims while also allowing participants to unleash their competitive spirit. 

The One Day Tournaments serve to be a preface to the upcoming League in 2022. It is an opportunity for people to make new friends, realise one’s physical potential, and ultimately, have an enjoyable and exciting experience.

For Brothers Only

Day: Sunday 12 December, 2021

Time: 9.30am to 5pm

Venue: Australian National Sports Club, Punchbowl

Team: 5 to 7 players

Register before: Thursday 9 December or until capacity of 10 teams reached

For Sisters Only

Day: Sunday 19 December, 2021

Time: 9.30am to 4pm

Venue: PCYC, Auburn

Team: 7 to 9 players (Individual Registration Available)

Register before: Thursday 16 December or until capacity of 10 teams reached

Fees & Deadlines

  • Team Registration: $250
  • Individual Registration*: $35
  • Register Before:
    • Thursday 9 December (Futsal),
    • Thursday 16 December (Netball),
    • Or until capacity of 10 teams is reached (Futsal, Netball)

* Only applicable for Sisters’ Indoor Netball

What You Get?

  • Participate in an 8-hour tournament which culminates with an exciting grand finale
  • $500 worth of prizes up for grabs for a variety of reward categories
  • Catered lunch for all players
  • Join the MYC community and kickstart your own sports story
  • A professional sporting experience accomodating towards Muslim sensitivities
Q) What should players wear & bring on the event day?
Players must wear clothes that are suitable for intense physical activity but still abide by Islamic modesty guidelines. Wearing shoes suitable for wooden indoor gymnasium flooring is of utmost importance. All other needs such as drinks & snacks will be provided.

Q) Will lunch be provided?
Lunch will be provided for all players & volunteers on the day after the conclusion of the group stage match fixtures (roughly 1pm). In case of specific dietary requirements, please list this when filling out the registration form.

Q) How will the venue Islamically accommodate for sisters?
We have specifically selected a venue that has no windows or openings of any sort which would allow for outsiders to view the sisters’ activity. The venue has also allowed for us to put up curtains and partitions where necessary to block foyer areas in the venue and ensure complete privacy for the duration of the tournament.

Q) How much game time will I get on the day?
All players are guaranteed a minimum of an hour total game time, spanning over the round robin group stage matches. Teams will have the opportunity to play further into the knockout rounds should they perform well in the group stages, thereby increasing their overall play time.

Q) Can I attend as a spectator?
Registering as a player is highly encouraged but should you decide to spectate you will be allowed to as long as you check in with the volunteers at our reception desk on the day.

Q) What is included in the registration fee?
For your registration you will be receiving: participation in a meticulously organised sporting tournament, catered lunch, snacks throughout the day, referee officiated match fixtures, use of professional grade equipment, 1 hour of guaranteed game time and an opportunity to win exciting prizes.

Q) Is the venue accessible by public transport?
The Brothers’ Futsal venue is a roughly 10 minute walk from Wiley Park Station.
The Sisters’ Netball venue is a roughly 10 minute walk from Auburn Station.
Players driving to the venues will have abundant free parking available right in front of both venues.

Q) Do I need to be double vaccinated to attend?
Yes, all players will need to be double vaccinated to attend.

Q) What ages is the tournament open to?
The tournament is open to all Muslim youth aged 16-30.

Q) Will there be an opportunity to pray on the day?
We will hold Duhr prayers in congregation during our 1 hour lunch break in the middle of the day.

Q) Are there any COVID registration to be mindful of?
We will inform players if masks will need to be worn later on but as of now all regulations will be managed and adhered to by organisers.
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