Top 10 Halal Food Spots in Sydney


Psssst. Tired of Fillet o’ Fish? Or maybe you’re not convinced that the humble vegan patty is the way to go. And maybe, just maybe, you’ve had one too many close encounters with, “sorry, we cook all our meat on the same grill”.

Fear not – this lovingly crafted list of fan favourites and heavyweights of the Sydney halal food scene will help calm your frustrations. Travel through the long-GOATed establishments that form a stunning cultural roadmap through Sydney!

1. 1915 Lanzhou Beef Noodles
Step beyond the aromatic curtain of this completely Halal restaurant to find thick, sumptuous noodles and the fragrant promise of cumin and peppers unfurling on your plate. Take it all in – the Islamic-inspired artwork adorning the walls, the comforting ambience, and the haze of bright and tempting flavours that adorn the room.

This pillar of Halal Chinese food has a variety of luscious, meaty dishes – each as compelling and delicious as the next. The lamb skewers, pan-fried chive dumplings and of course, their signature beef soup noodles are some of the must-have orders when exploring this oriental restaurant.

Quality: 8/10
Price: $
Ambience: 7/10

2. 678 KBBQ

DISCLAIMER: The beef is Halal! (The restaurant also serves non-Halal foods & drinks).

KBBQ as a concept honestly blows my mind. It’s simplicity is so genius. The meats are usually marinated with just a handful of key ingredients – if marinated at all – and the social connotations of the arrangement are two things that scream a good time. The experience of sitting around a table and cooking your own food gives way to a lot of room for conversation, and once the food is ready to eat, it’s nothing but appreciation for the deluge of warmth and soy that floods your mouth. Also, the subtle smoky atmosphere makes everything seem THAT much more intimate when you’re out with your mates, or even in a large group!

Personal opinion: the Wagyu beef short rib is the best value for price, but generally KBBQs tend to be on the pricier side of cuisine per serving. If you want to splurge, choose from the Premium Wagyu Beef selection for that unmistakable richness of meat! Regardless of the dish you choose, the extravagant spread of side dishes are served (at no extra cost to you!) in a gorgeous arrangement across the table. Ranging from the juiciest kimchi to crisp garden leaves, creamy sauces and spicy chilli oils, these side dishes are palate cleansers that heighten the appreciation for Korean cuisine.

Quality: 9/10
Price: $$-$$$
Ambience: 8/10

3. Time for Thai
How could we have a Halal food article without this /obligatory/ mention?

Its famous reputation speaks for itself – this satisfying, family-friendly, and comparatively affordable restaurant merchants robust Thai flavours and reliable comfort food. Nestled conveniently in Haymarket, Newtown and Kingsford, this franchise creates alluring flavours from fresh spices – from full-bodied chilli and tamarind bases to milder curries and sauces.

Try out their beef hokkien noodles and the red duck curry (one of their most popular curries!) for a mouthwatering blend of coconut, tomato, and basil that will warm you up from the inside! If you’re still not sold, just rest easy in the knowledge that their Haymarket branch has a prayer room upstairs. 🥺🙌🏻

Sidenote: It’s got that Aasvogel Aardvark stamp of approval (iykyk) – need I say more?

Quality: 7/10
Price: $
Ambience: 7/10

4. The Italian Bowl, Newtown

Before we jump right in, it’s notable to mention that select dishes from this restaurant are Halal! Please choose wisely and notify the staff that you want Halal choices, as only the chicken and veal meats are Halal. Some of their meals are cooked with wine, but this can be remedied by informing the staff when ordering that you want no alcohol in your food. From personal experience, the staff are usually attentive and incredibly accommodating!

Having said that, this place whips up hearty meals with fresh garlic, tomato, and olive flavour profiles that are characteristic of age-old Sicilian and Calabrese secrets. It’s no wonder this restaurant is always packed – their risottos are some of the silkiest, creamiest, and flavourful in Sydney! With raving reviews and a clean, rustic aesthetic, this restaurant infuses that ‘home-made’ care into every gourmet dish.

Try out the velvety Pollo pasta (no alcohol in this one listed on the menu, but you can specify you’d like it without alcohol just to be safe!) or the succulent Chicken Parmigiana for some classic Italian-style hospitality.

Quality: 8/10
Price: $$
Ambience: 6.89/10

5. Classic Burger
Lost in the sauce?

Guess we’re drowning in it because this next place needs no introduction! The menu is genuinely refreshing to see, with a sizable portion of it under $10! With a formidable 4.5 stars on Google reviews, this semi-casual establishment has been garnering almost unanimously banger opinions from all my family and friends. With two convenient locations in Yagoona and Liverpool, this is the perfect spot to grab a hearty feed and kick back with your mates!

Much like it’s name, everything about it has two C’s – some THICC patties with some of the most SUCCULENT sau- okay I’ll stop.

But seriously, check it out.

Quality: 8.7/10
Price: $$
Ambience: 6/10

6. Bay Vista Chocolate Bar (Brighton, Parramatta)
Sweet tooth? The crowd-favourite Bay Vista Dessert Bar & Cafe is your dentist’s worst nightmare. When I say the selection of desserts is so satisfyingly thorough, and each serving is so hearty…

Quality: 8.5/10
Price: $$$
Ambience: 6/10

7. Taste of Tangra: Combines the best of both worlds! The infusion of this oriental influence to an Indian palate
Now what kind of post would this be without a classic Halal restaurant from Lakemba’s very own Haldon Street? In the bustling city of Dhaka, Bangladesh you’d see fusion restaurants lining the sidewalks. And here in Sydney, the hype is no different – the popular combination of exquisite Indian spices and the edgier, tangy flavours of Chinese cuisine can be found at this one landmark restaurant.

A word of caution: Their delectable sizzling dishes will most likely make you give you flashbacks that transcend borders – memories of ceremonious dawats and towering second helpings of the food that your dadi made. Have some more, we insist!

Quality: 8/10
Price: $$
Ambience: 5/10

8. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
This franchise is somewhat of a hidden gem. We’ve all heard of Nashville fried chicken and Kentucky fried chicken, yet Taiwanese fried chicken is currently slept on. Let me describe the flavours to you – you’ll leave with an enriched MINDSET man, it’s unreal. The initial glorious crunch reveals a coating reveals the mind-blowing chilli/tangy duality – an addictive combination that is refreshed by the tiny basil leaves that are added for a break from the intense flavour.

Aside from their Crispy Chicken Bites, try out the Large Fried Chicken – it’s a massive serving of fried chicken originating straight from the Shi-Lin Night Market! Try it in the heat level ‘Spicy’ – a great mix of pain and pleasure as the chilli powder and fermented bean curd flavours emerge. BONUS if you manage to score some fried basil leaves in the mix, because they are just *chef’s kiss* belissimo! Hot Star has several locations across Sydney, and seating arrangements vary greatly.

Quality: 7.5/10
Price: $$-$$$ (in terms of fried chicken, it’s on the pricier side for the quantity of each serving)
Ambience: 3/10 (It’s a humble place - usually, you grab fried chicken and you go)

9. Kickin’ Inn
That succulent orange sauce. The stuff of dreams.

Kickin’ Inn garnered immense popularity since its conception in 2018. Its unique selling point? The no plates approach. Let me help you envision it – can you imagine a rich, velvety concoction of 55 herbs, with crabs, prawns, and potatoes cooked to perfection? Can you inhale the scent of cayenne peppers and garlic? Their signature taste includes “five flavour-charged secret recipes”, as described by Concrete Playground.

The best part? Their website describes their franchise as “100% Halal” – chef’s kiss. Take your pick from their punchy sauces, because they range from a gentle mild to a challenging “000+”…

Quality: 8.5/10
Price: $$-$$$
Ambience: 7.5/10

10. Mad Mex
DISCLAIMER: This restaurant serves pork and beef (not Halal). The chicken is confirmed Halal at Macquarie Park and Homebush DFO locations – yet as always, check with the staff before ordering!

A fiesta in your mouth. Honestly.

There are a few staple ingredients to Mexican food – you get your creamy avocado, hearty beans, fluffy rice, fresh limes and that unmistakable fire of an exciting assortment of hot peppers. And boy, does Mad Mex do it well. Their grande melts are aptly named, because they have that distinct melt-in-your-mouth feel, and unravel their saucy, spicy flavours from the first flavoursome bite.

To be honest, I’ve had the enchiladas at *ahem* another well-established Mexican food joint, but Mad Mex just hits different. It’s got comparatively fresher-tasting ingredients and a much more robust combination of spices throughout the entirety of the dish, rather than just concentrated in a few spots. Overall, it’s just a transformative experience. No big deal 😉

Quality: 8.5/10
Price: $-$$
Ambience: 6/10

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and conclusions presented in these pieces are strictly those of the authors. MYA does not necessarily endorse the personal views of the authors.

Nafisa Ferdousy

Nafisa Ferdousy

Law/Commerce, paralegal at Karnib Saddik Law Firm, written for Penny Appeal Australia (charity organisation) and the law firm + a childcare centre

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