One day, you were born.    You grew up in a standard suburb in Sydney – you always a felt a little odd though, you were that one Muslim kid […]

Top 10 Greatest Muslim Sport Stars of All Time


Throughout history, the stadium has been a microcosm of the world outside; no rugby field or athletics track is immune to the contentions and political innards outside its walls. This […]

5 Must-Dos During Lockdown for Muslims


Nothing happens in the universe, except by the will, command and decree of Allah. There is divine wisdom in each cataclysm, in every upheaval, and the COVID-19 epoch is indeed […]

Vice or Sacrifice? Eid al Adha Revisited

Vice or Sacrifice? Eid al Adha Revisited As Muslims, Eid al Adha is one of the best times of the year. A commemoration of the life of our patriarch Ibrahim […]