Maintain the GAIN Train: Exercise Lockdown Edition

It’s been 2-month since the lockdown started and it’s been announced that it will continue for much longer. I understand that many of us are feeling pressured, lonely, and probably have lost reason to keep in shape without the gym. I can affirm that it’s no easy task to stay consistent without the support of your friends and community. I can however testify that no matter where we are, we are in this together and our ability to push through this obstacle comes from within our self-care. So, I present to you 4 exercises that you must do to keep your body moving and your mental state happy. This can be completed by everyone no matter the gender or level.

Exercise 1: Push Ups (video)

Push-ups are an essential exercise for building the chest and incorporating secondary muscles such as the shoulder and triceps. It’s a beginner friendly exercise, where it can be challenging to even reach 10 repetitions. You can also modify it in various forms to make it more challenging. For example: 

  • A slow descent of 4 seconds (eccentric phase), followed by pushing up straight away. 
  • Placing your hands closer to the middle of the body, activates more triceps. 
  • Pushing up from an elevated position, activates more of your upper chest.

Exercise 2: Bent over Row – Home Edition (video)

  • Utilising the edge of your bed frame and using an under grip (palms facing away from you), you can pull yourself up until your chest touches the bed frame. 
  • This exercise is like push-ups, in sense that you can modify it to make it more difficult as you progress.

Exercise 3: Squatted Calf Raises (video)

  • Everyone probably loathes doing legs, but once you’ve completed the session, you feel this exhilarating sensation of self-accomplishment. I present to you an isometric (Holding the contraction of the muscle in place) exercise that makes you feel like time is not passing (as if lockdown wasn’t going slow enough). 

    • Holding a squat position for 10 seconds, followed by contracting your calves for another 10 seconds (raising your heels).

Exercise 4: Core marathon (video)

What hurts more than legs? Well, training your core. Completing 3 sets of the following exercises below, really tests the limits of your perseverance. 

  • Planks (30 seconds) 
  • Mountain climber (30 seconds) 
  • Arms extended crunch (30 seconds) 
  • Double leg thrust (30 seconds)

Generally, when completing exercise 1-3, t complete 3 sets of 8-12 reps. However this can be tailored to where you start and how fast you adapt. Generally, try and have 3-4 repetitions in the tank for every set and if you feel it’s too simple, you can increase the repetition range or number of sets.

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and conclusions presented in these pieces are strictly those of the authors. MYA does not necessarily endorse the personal views of the authors.

Mohibul Haque

Mohibul Haque

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