Dear Friend of the Soul


1 in 6 women reported having experienced physical and/or sexual abuse before the age of 15 and 1 in 9 men reported having experienced this abuse when they were boys. Almost 1 in 5 women and 1 in 20 men have experienced sexual violence (sexual assault and/or threats) since the age of 15.¹

 These statistics remain incomplete and a high number of cases remain unreported. This data is  not irrelevant to the Muslim community. This issue is rampant and it is a pandemic that plagues the homes of our communities just as it does wider Australia.

This poem is an ode to the countless stories I have witnessed and touched. This is dedicated to a dear friend of mine and to all those who are suffering.


Dear Friend of the Soul

Perpetual violence destroys its victims,

it shows no mercy. 

Those who have been inflicted — 

I can see it in their eyes, their ways of being. 

They journey through life carrying hidden shadows,

They are limited to half-selves, half-lives


But it never fails to amaze me, to astound me

For what has been inflicted upon them,

for what they have been exposed to as children–

their hearts can be so soft, so kind, 

so astonishingly pure.



I hate him more than I have ever hated anyone.

The world is unkind,

It is cruel and it is unjust

A home is by definition meant to protect.


Domestic violence taints a life for eternity

It leaves black gaping holes upon innocents

Upon families, generations


Touching lives with you — in such close proximity, 

I feel utterly stuck,


How to be brave? How to continue in my excruciating silence?

How to tell you, it will be okay? 

Will it be okay?


Watching you,

Rips me apart

It is trial I cannot fathom you are experiencing, living.

Yet you still smile? 

and the world buys it.


I am in disbelief, I am terrified,

I am infuriated, I am in shame.

When I see your beautiful innocence

Every fibre in my body is set on fire

I am shattered — 

For a split moment I am seething with an emotion I cannot explain

And then it is gone —

Back into survival mode

It is extinguished,

Into this dark blur of numbness

Because I am helpless

I am nothing, I can do nothing

I am immobilised

I am nothing but another ghost who was walked onwards

And I hate it.


To wield negative emotions

To direct trauma into art, energy, power

Is beyond what is called might.

It is more than greatness.

One day you will rise from the shadows. 

And baby you will be stronger than you would have ever imagined. 

I will be there to stand with you, 

hand in hand, together we will rise. 

I promise you. 


Healing is slow and it is hard,

the heart is tender and it is weak

some days will be worse than others,

but you will survive, you will heal. 

I promise you. 


You are a warrior. You are a survivor.

Your scars are more beautiful than you would ever know — 

the world may never see them, 

but I will always admire them in my solemn silence 

I will never forget your story,

I promise you.


Allah will give you the victory you deserve.

Allah is Al-Adl, the most Just 

Do not doubt it, never forget it.

I know it is hard, but please — never let go of the truth

Our Lord’s promise is always true, 

I promise you.


Hold on, 

stay strong 

and never let go of your faith. 

If Allah is on your side, you can never lose. 

I promise you. 


The wait is almost over.

I promise you.



Disclaimer: The views, opinions and conclusions presented in these pieces are strictly those of the authors. MYA does not necessarily endorse the personal views of the authors.



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