Architectural Marvels of the Muslim World

Architecture has long been understood as a cultural discipline. We call a building beautiful if it connects to us in a meaningful way. But Islamic architecture takes this a step […]

Top 10 Halal Food Spots in Sydney

Psssst. Tired of Fillet o’ Fish? Or maybe you’re not convinced that the humble vegan patty is the way to go. And maybe, just maybe, you’ve had one too many […]

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Choosing My Degree

sydney unis

I distinctly remember the moments before opening my ATAR score, and believing that those four numbers would unequivocally determine the course of my future. Then came decision time. Which degree? […]

5 Must-Dos During Lockdown for Muslims


Nothing happens in the universe, except by the will, command and decree of Allah. There is divine wisdom in each cataclysm, in every upheaval, and the COVID-19 epoch is indeed […]