Muslim Youth Association (MYA) is a not-for-profit charity organisation which seeks to have the sacred tradition of Islam resonate and thrive in the Australian context. Having launched recently, we are looking for a volunteers to join our teams and contribute in areas they are passionate about.


Volunteering Areas

  • Conference Project Team
  • Career Expo Project Team
  • Sports League Project Team
  • Islamic Thought Project (Online Courses) Project Team
  • Intensive & Retreat Project Team
  • Story Night Project Team
  • Communications Team
  • Muslim In Print (Blog) Writing Team
  • Photography Team
  • Design Team
  • Video Team
  • Creative Media (TikTok, etc.) Team
  • Website Development Team
  • Community Accounts (Sales) Team
  • Human Resources Team



  • Meaningful work that earns Allah’s pleasure and makes a positive difference in our community
  • Meet and connect with a vibrant community of volunteers that is growing every week
  • Ride the wave with an exciting youth organisation that has ambitious plans for the future
  • Gain valuable work experience


If you are interesting in volunteering with us, please apply below.

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